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Open Wounds

Project type

Feature Length Film


November, 2023


Atlanta, Georgia


Lead Visual Effects Artist, Visual Effects Supervisor


Ronald Krauss


I worked as an on set visual effects supervisor for this film with planned post production vfx to take place in early 2024 as the lead visual effects artist.

The film tells the story of Jefferson, a struggling indie horror studio owner, and his nephew Caleb, a budding makeup FX artist. When Jefferson assigns Caleb to work on a B-list horror movie about a vampire, he finally gets his big break. However, Caleb’s excitement turns to terror when he witnesses a murder and decides to incorporate the realism of the crime into his special effects. As Caleb’s work gains praise, he descends into madness, losing his sense of right and wrong.

Film stars daughter of Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson. Son of Val Kilmer, Jack Kilmer and Erick Roberts.

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